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Problem Statement

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Desk Research

Decrease in Public Ridership

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1:1 Interviews

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Guerilla Testing

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User Journey

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We were concerned when the option to select multiple languages for the app wasn’t prioritized during our User Journey or MVP session.

We channeled Sophia, one of our personas, and her struggle of not fully understanding the current transportation directions because she isn’t fluent in English.

In our research, we also discovered that 69.7% of Miami residents speak Spanish and only 23.3% of residents are English-only speakers.

This data encouraged us to test the option of creating a false door to gauge interest in this potential feature. If we find that there is demand for localization, it will become our top priority to launch this feature with a quick turnaround.

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User Flow

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Screen Sketches

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Moodboard designed by Daniella de Sostoa

Moodboard designed by Daniella de Sostoa

Design Mockups



Usability Test Plan

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Feedback Loop

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Big Picture

People are already used to the behavior necessary to navigate a ride-sharing app, like Uber and Lyft. If the City of Miami decided to implement this transportation structure, we would recommend that they keep the features and interactions similar to other ride-sharing apps in order to stay competitive. The priority needs to focus on ensuring reliability.